Community Preservation Committee

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Mission Statementcows
The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) will strive to be a catalyst toward future projects in the areas of open space, new recreational spaces, community housing, and hsitoric preservation via CPA funding; will utilize community goals set forth in documents such as the Master Plan and the Open Space & Recreation Plan which have received wide scrutiny and public input; will attempt to meet multiple community preservation goals; and will communicate its mission and goals to the general public.

Photo: 2010 Town meeting approved $400,000 of Community Preservation Act funds to protect the 116-acre Anderson Farm.

Cheryl Cambria
Kitty Doherty


Name  Title 
Cheryl Cambria  Chairman 
Jack Connolly   
John Cruz   
James Henderson   
Chris Iannitelli   
Steve McCarthy   
Warren Turner   
Joan McAndrew   
Gerald Stetson