How to File a Building Permit


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The following steps are to be followed in requesting a Building Permit in the Town of West Bridgewater:

1. Apply for a sewage construction permit from the Board of Health.

2. Apply to the Water Department for a Water Entrance Permit.
Note: Water tie-in not available between November 15 & April 15.

3. If the driveway enters or exits a state highway, obtain state approval permit.

4. If the proposed driveway enters on a town road, obtain a curb cut permit from the Board of Selectmen.

5. If sand, gravel, stone, etc., are to be removed from the site, obtain a removal permit from the Board of Selectmen.

6. If Plumbing, Gas or Electrical work needs to be done, Permits may be obtained at the Town Clerk's office.

7. File a Letter of Determination with the Conservation Commission and receive their approval in writing.

8. Obtain an approved zoning permit - zoning officer.

9. Obtain a Building Permit Application.

10. If you are a licensed premise, you need to receive approval from the Licensing Authority.

11. All Commercial or Industrial uses require Site Plan Approval by the Planning Board, or Special Permit approvals by the Special Permit Granting Authority.

12. When you submit your building application, the following must be attached:
a. Provide a copy of approved Septic System Design Plan and/or your Site Plan approved by the Special Permit Authority or the Planning Board.
b. Two sets of building plans with smoke detector locations (Residential max. 11x7)
c. Copy of water entrance permit or fee payment slip.
d. The fee for a building permit must be paid at the time of filing application.
e. Have house number and Assessor's sheet and lot number verified by Assessor's Department.
f. Provide proof of an approved Site Plan and/or a copy of your Special Permit or Variance, with a Registry of Deeds receipt as proof of filing.
g. Proof of Workman's Compensation must be provided.
h. Provide MAScheck compliance report, or declare prescriptive package on plans.
i. Provide a copy of your construction supervisors license.
j. Provide a copy of your Home Registration.

Permit review will be issued within thirty (30) days from time of filing application.