Town River Fishery Committee

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Town River Fishery Committee

The Town River Fishery Committee is a bi-town Committee comprised of volunteers from West Bridgewater and Bridgewater. Their primary goals include restoring and properly managing herring, alewives and blueback in the Town River and its surrounds.

The High Street Dam Study is being overseen by the Marine Fisheries Division. This privately-owned dam is situated on the Town River just below the West Bridgewater line. Hydrologically, it controls a 450 - acre water impoundment between High Street and Route 106.   It is a colonial dam originally built for water power and is now deteriorating. The study will determine whether this dam should be removed, which will lessen the meanders and current width of the river and might change current ecosystems by exposing the riverbed in some areas. A similar situation occurred with the Mill River when the Marine Fisheries Division removed the State Hospital and Whittendon Dams in Taunton.  They opted for removal work and the replanting of the newly exposed riverbed.   If dam removal is chosen for the High Street Dam, revegetation of the exposed river bank is a viable option.
Click here for more information about meetings and the launch of the project in November 2016.

Town River Fishery Committee  Title   
Hank Estabrook  Chairman   
Richard C. Benton Secretary  
Skip Copeland  Member   
John Cruz Member   
Bob Hanson  Member  
Vacancy Member  
Jim Sniger  Member   
Jim Souza Member  

Kayaks at Town River taken by Julie Amaral