Department of Public Works

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Christopher D. Iannitelli
Department of Public Works Director & Tree Warden 
Shawn D. Anderson
Department of Public Works, Assistant Director
Address:  63 North Main Street
West Bridgewater, MA 0237 
Phone:  (508) 894-1217 
Fax:  (508) 894-1219 

Tree Warden and Department of Public Works Mission Statements
 A Tree Warden is a person who cares for all the shade trees on public lands in your town, such as parks, town commons, public streets, schools, and town forests.

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to maintain roadways and sidewalks in proper working order at all times, for the safety of the driving and walking public. Also to maintain and repair town equipment and vehicles as needed or as necessary.


Catch basins are the receptacles found below the square grates in the street or parking lots all around town.  They collect the storm water and floating debris during heavy rainstorms and keep it from flooding the streets or private property and from pouring that potentially polluted water directly into our local streams and rivers.
Although the West Bridgewater Department of Public Works cleans the basins on a rotating yearly schedule, it is not possible to clear every grate before and after every storm.  It is our hope that you or your organization would adopt a specific basin and keep it clear of debris so that it may perform its job to the fullest extent possi
ble all year long.

As stormwater passes over developed land, it picks up pollutants and transports them to the nearest storm drain and eventually into our streams and wetlands. The pollution can destroy habitat needed for fish and other wildlife. Stormwater pollution can't be solved by some treatment plant or policy, because stormwater runoff comes from small, individual sources in all parts of the watershed. It is a problem that everyone plays a part in solving.  

The Town of West Bridgewater has over one thousand catch basins, and they are all available for adoption!!  Use the interactive map below (or click here)  and click on the basin you'd like to adopt.  You'll find a link to get more information about your catch basin and be able to give it a name as well as have your name listed as the fantastic environmental hero that has stepped up to help protect our natural resources here in West Bridgewater! 

Our map is a work in progress, if your catch basin isn't there now, it will be soon!  Don't let that discourage your adoption efforts! 
Email to get your basin on the map!

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