Department of Public Works

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 Community Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage excellence in Urban Forestry Management.
  • To perform services independently or with other community resources committed to the preservation of natural resources, community image and the development of Urban Forestry Programs.
  • To plan, organize, control and be accountable for all authorized activities of the urban forest indigenous to the community represented.
  • To design, draft and maintain master plans for tree placement and care along community streets and throughout other areas of responsibility.
  • To provide leadership and motivation during communication with the general public, outside organizations and community departments while investigating and resolving a broad range of citizen concerns.
  • To direct work in accordance with community policy, observe and abide by all federal, state, local laws and professional arboricultural standards which in any way affect the performance of work.
  • To coordinate and implement annual Arbor Day observance and provide field related education services to School Departments and the general public.
  • To conduct continuing research into Urban Forest management and actively participate, correspond and meet with other municipal officials and associations related to field of work.
  • To contact the general public in a businesslike manner and to be clear and precise while providing citizen assistance.
  • To strive for and maintain the highest standards of professional arboricultural conduct and to credibly reflect and increase the stature of the community tree program.

Individual Goals and Objectives

  • To exercise the duties of Tree Warden as defined in the Massachusetts General Laws and be qualified to enable efficient execution of the power and duties of that position.
  • To observe and abide by all the rules and regulations relative to the betterment of arboricultural practices as specified by industry standards such as ANSI 300 Pruning Specifications, Sec. Z133.
  • To evaluate and provide preventative tree maintenance programs, hazardous tree removal, utility clearance operations and oversee the work of outside contracts by timely inspections throughout the project.
  • To procure safety, training, record keeping, budget presentations, bid proposals, grant writing and help implement public service programs.
  • To control all aspects of regulations set forth by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 87, and determine all judgements and resolutions insuring the proper management of shade trees compatible with public concern.
  • To assist fellow Tree Wardens in all ways consistent with abilities, only when called upon to do so, and with support, cooperation, knowledge and involvement worthy of a professional reputation.