Stormwater Illicit Discharge Program

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 The West Bridgewater Conservation Commission is the Stormwater Authority for the Town of West Bridgewater.  The town had to file their Notice of Intent (NOI) to the EPA by October 1, 2018.  The town's NOI showed how the town will comply with the EPA's issuance of the MA Small MS4 General Permit.  

A MS4 is the term given to the town's municipal stormwater water system.  The town needs to comply with the EPA's General Permit in order to be able to discharge or permit new stormwater systems to discharge into wetlands, rivers, streams and ponds.
The town's NOI was reviewed by the EPA and was found to be in compliance.  They have posted the NOI on their web site.  The link to the town's posted NOI is  When you get to the link, scroll down through the towns/cities until you get to West Bridgewater.  Click on the letters NOI.  It will come up as a downloadable file for you to review.

We encourage you to participate in the town's stormwater program.  Please contact the Conservation Commission's office for any questions or comments.  Contact information can be found on the home page for this program.