Stormwater Illicit Discharge Program

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In recent years, sources of water pollution like industrial wastes from factories have been greatly reduced. Now, more than 60 percent of water pollution comes from stormwater runoff.  Each of our properties receive about 42" inches of rainfall each year.  Most of it doesn't infiltrate into our soil but rather it runs off our roofs, driveways and lawns and heads for the street.  This is called stormwater runoff which picks up pollutants like leaking fluids from our cars, lawnmowers, weed wackers, chainsaws, snow throwers, boats, recreational vehicles and other such equipment.  Pet wastes, lawn fertilizers, garden fertilizers, and failing septic tanks also get caught up in the stormwater runoff.  All these sources add up to a big pollution problem when it washes into our streets and enters our street drains.

We can all do our part in reducing the amount of pollutants getting into the storm drains in little ways when taken as a community wide effort, will drastically reduce pollution.  

Please click on the down arrow on the "Stormwater Tips For Homeowners"  section in the adjacent left navigation pane to see suggestions that are so easy to do 

It's up to all of us who live in our town to make it happen.