Stormwater Illicit Discharge Program

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The following is a document issued by the EPA that allows the Town of West Bridgewater to discharge its stormwater runoff into wetlands, brooks, streams and the rivers located in our town.  The permit contains all the requirements the town must follow to comply with the permit. 

The Massachusetts Small MS4 2016 General Permit 
  • Appendix A - Abbreviations & Definitions
  • Appendix B  - Standard Permit Conditions
  • Appendix C - Endangered Species Guidance
  • Appendix D - National Historic Preservation Act Guidance 
  • Appendix F - Requirements For Discharges To Impaired Waters With an Approved TMDL
  • Appendix G - MS4 Permit Monitoring Requirements For Discharges Into Impaired Waters - Parameters & Methods
  • Appendix H - Requirements Related to Discharges to Certain Water Quality Limited Waterbodies