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Selectman Moreira Honored with Street Name

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Moreira recognized for over three decades of service.

WEST BRIDGEWATER – Longtime Selectman Eldon Moreira was honored Tuesday with the installation of a street sign dedicated to him located at the corner of 47 North Main Street. The new sign marks the previously unnamed roadway that connects the Highway and Vehicle Maintenance Department and Route 28, now called Eldon Moreira Way.

Selectman Moreira was recognized by family, friends, colleagues and coworkers in the spirit of Thanksgiving for his dedicated, dependable service that spans over three decades. Mr. Moreira, elected to his twelfth term in 2014, is the longest serving Selectman in the Town’s history. Prior to his service on the Board of Selectmen, Mr. Moreira was a member of the Finance Committee for eight years. He has since worked with countless boards and commission to give West Bridgewater a voice on the county and state levels.

Before the installation of the new sign, Town Administrator David Gagne said a few words. “We could have named it Eldon Moreira Street or Eldon Moreira Road,” Mr. Gagne said, “but to lead as Eldon has with steadfast leadership and pride is to do it the Eldon Moreira Way.”

“I’m overwhelmed with being recognized this way,” Mr. Moreira said. “I want to thank the people and the workers that helped me to achieve this.”

Mr. Moreira was officially recognized at a Selectmen’s Meeting on September 2, when the Board voted to name the roadway. At that meeting, Selectman Jerry Lawrence stated that Mr. Moreira had received 8,861 total votes over the course of his career. Also at the meeting, Chairman of the Board Nancy Maloney read from a proclamation issued by the Board. “Eldon Moreira has shown great oversight and support to the Town of West Bridgewater, whether he is courting new business, solving problems, or advocating on behalf of the public as the people’s Selectman,” she said.

The street sign also marks the debut of the new street signs that will grace the Center of Town District. These signs will all be maroon and white and will have the town’s seal printed on them.