Board of Selectmen

Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning is a process in which the Town will establish goals for itself as well as a future vision and work to execute those goals by following specific action plans.

Vision Statement:
West Bridgewater will be a town resolute in advancing the well-being of its residents, businesses and natural resources by forward thinking, planning and financial management in order to preserve its history and character while promoting the future growth of the Town.

Mission Statement:
The Town of West Bridgewater will provide quality schools and public services through careful planning, resource protection and fiscal responsibility by promoting economic development and managing residential growth for the benefit of the community.

Four of the five goals have been reached. New goals have been identified. Get on board and propel the Town forward!

Contact Mallory Aronstein at 508-894-1267 to volunteer to work on a specific goal.

Goals and Action Plans

Goal 1: Update Master Plan

Goal 2: Branding West Bridgewater - Watch David Gagne's presentation to the Board of Selectmen, 4.6.2016

Goal 3: Sidewalks, Trails, Pedestrian Crossings

Goal 4: Inter-municipal sewer agreement with Brockton - Update from group leader John Duggan, 4.6.2016

Goal 5: Update Open Space and Recreation Plans

Goals Round 1