Town Meeting

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  The Town of West Bridgewater is governed by a Town Meeting. Each year, residents congregate and vote on spending, authorize special projects, adopt by-laws, and take other action that affect the entire Town. An elected Town Moderator presides over Town Meeting.

In West Bridgewater, a quorum of residents is not required for the meeting to continue. Town Meeting focuses on articles as specified on a Warrant, or agenda, that is posted at least seven days prior to the meeting. These Warrants are available online as well. The Budget to be voted on is printed separately in the Finance Committee Budget Recommendations handbook, also available online as well as in Town Hall and the Library at least two weeks before the meeting. The Town also votes on an Annual Town Report, which is a publication compiling the activities and reports of all Town Departments and Committees.

Town Meeting is usually held in either June or May at the Middle/Senior High School Auditorium. The Warrants are posted with this pertinent information specific to each meeting. Special Town Meetings may also be called throughout the year. Similarly, the Warrants for those meetings are posted at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting and are also available online.

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Letter to Residents Regarding FY24 School Committee Budget
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Jason Ross, Moderator

Jason Ross has been serving West Bridgewater as the Town Moderator since 2019, and is Massachusetts' youngest Town Moderator. He is a fifth generation resident of West Bridgewater, a proud Eagle Scout, and serves in many volunteer roles in Town. Jason graduated cum laude from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, with a Public Administration concentration.