Board of Health

Board of Health

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Contact:  Darlene Green
Robert Casper Jr.
Health Agent 
Address:  65 North Main Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379 
Phone:  508-894-1209 
Fax:  508-894-1214 
Hours:  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 A.M. - Noon and 1P. AM. - 4 P.M.
Wednesday 8am - 7 pm.
Friday 8 am - Noon.

State public health officials raise risk level for EEE to high in 2 or more southeastern communities
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2020 Rabies Clinic

The West Bridgewater Rabies Clinic has been postponed until a later date.
After speaking with the State regarding Rabies Vaccines that are about to expire,
it has been suggested that you contact your veterinarian as the criteria does not change.
We are hopeful to hold our Rabies Clinic later this Summer or Early Fall.

 SCAM Regarding Septic System Inspection
It has been brought to the attention of this office that phone calls have been placed stating that this office would be out to conduct an inspection of their septic system. Please note this office has not and does not inspect septic system in this manner. If you receive such a call please contact this office.

All meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month @ 6 PM in the McDonald/Brown Conference Room, first floor at Town Hall. To be placed on the agenda or to address the Board, you must contact the office no later than 3PM, Monday of the meeting week.

For Urgent matters during off hours you may send an email to or contact one of the following: Note that the secretary's personal information is no longer listed, however the emails are checked daily.

Darlene Green  Secretary                     508-894-1209
Robert Casper Jr. Health Agent                508-889-8501
John Cruz  Chairman                     508-328-3630
Linda Simpson  Clerk                           508-509-6626
Brad Piesco   Member                       508-944-5578


(508) 894-1209

Remember: The members and staff are dedicated to maintaining a healthy community by protecting the health and well being of our residents and our community's interests through prevention, protection, education and outreach.

The Board of Health office has implemented a Sharps/Lancets program in conjunction with the Fire Department. You may dispose of these items in a laundry detergent bottle at the Fire Dept. Please note that it is illegal to dispose of these items in your trash. Fines can and will be implemented for those found doing this in their trash or disposing of improperly.

The Board of Health Office is currently not offering the Septic Betterment Program. 

The Board of Health office is currently seeking those individuals that would like to be involved with the Emergency Management Program. This program is mandated and help in all aspects ranging from Dr.'s, nurses, dentists, Aids, to persons to assist in document preparations, directing persons where to go in the event of an emergency and more. If you are interested in serving the community in the event of a disaster, please contact the Board of Health office.