Water Commissioners

Board of Water Commissioners

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Contact:  Wayne Parks

Kerry Buckley
Office Manager 

Kelley Cataldo
Principle Clerk
29 Cyr Street
West Bridgewater, MA 
(508) 894-1271
(508) 894-1272

Water Commissioners:
Art Cabral, Chairman
Dylan Cragin, Clerk
John Cruz, Member

Ronald Randall, Jr., Foreman
Brenden Barillot, Water Technician
Brian McSweeney, Water Technician
Ryan Grady, Water Technician


We need your help
Lead & Copper Resident Survey
It is imperative that we inventory 100% of the service lines in town.  Thank you for your participation in this important matter.

The West Bridgewater Water Department is working hard to ensure that all of the materials in our water system are known, inventoried, and up to modern standards.  There is no lead in the water delivered to your home; however, particles of lead can get into your drinking water if it passes through lead service lines, plumbing where lead solder was used, and/or older brass fixtures.

The EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions require the Water Department to take an inventory of all the service lines (the lines that bring water into your home from our water mains) in our town.  We are requesting that all residents complete this on-line survey to help us complete this federally mandated inventory.  If you are unable to complete the survey or are unsure of your service material, please call the Water Department at 508-894-1271.  We will be surveying all service lines in town; it is required.

Follow this link to the survey or scan the QR Code below:                  West Bridgewater Lead & Copper Survey


Below is a copy of the post card that was mailed to each resident

Water use Restrictions May 1 to September 30


MassDEP requires us to implement water use restrictions as part of our withdrawal permit.

Last year MassDEP changed the rules for water restrictions.  They tied water withdrawal permits to the Massachusetts Drought Monitor.  Most of the towns around us do not allow or have extreme limited water use restrictions.

Summer time residential sprinkler use is an extreme burden on the system.  To try to continue to allow residential sprinkler systems this year water use will be allowed by:

Odd/Even House Numbers matched to Odd/Even Calendar Days, with restricted hours.  Violators will be subject to fines.

If you have an Even numbered house, then on Even Numbered Calendar Days

Sprinkler use is allowed from 5 PM until 9AM, No water use from 9AM to 5 PM.

If you have an Odd numbered house, then on Odd Numbered Calendar Days

Sprinkler use is allowed from 5 PM until 9AM, No water use from 9AM to 5 PM.

 If the drought advisory is upgraded, we will be required upgrade the water use restrictions.

Please pay attention to the Town and Water Dept. websites for updates on restrictions.

At this time, it is not a ban.  Other water uses are permitted please use our water sensibly.

The restrictions are on sprinkler use currently.  Please watch for signage as we enjoy our summer months.

In order to deliver water to your house we need you to abide by these rules.  If we run our wells dry for green lawns, there is no place to get more water.  The cost of tying into another town would be exponential.  We would also not be able to control the quality or quantity of our water.  We would most likely be subject to extreme use limitations. Below are some sites about lawn watering.





Thank you for your compliance

West Bridgewater Water Department

The PFAS treatment facility at the Manley Street Plant is now fully operational.
PFAS Manley St 6.25.2024